“Consuma Salernitano”

EVENTI | 29 Settembre 2014

“Consuma Salernitano”

“Consuma Salernitano” is an initiative of Salerno’s “Camera di Commercio” to help the purchase of local products and to support Salerno’s economy.

“Consuma Salernitano” wants to promote local economy incentivizing the purchase of products that are made by factories in Salerno’s district.

Orogiallo promotes “Consuma Salernitano”, the initiative consists in promotions to emphasize to the customer, the value of Salerno’s food towards direct promotion in the supermarkets and with a contest on the social network facebook.

For the project, a product is considered “salernitano” if it is produced by companies with production unity in Salerno’s district.

The initiative will be scheduled in the following days: 12th-13th October / 9th-10th November/ 7th-8th December 2013, in the places indicated in Distribution’s section on the website www.consumasalernitano.it

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