The Cooking


An excellent pasta for the whole family.
OroGiallo is distinguished by its philosophy of production that still loves to use traditional methods combined with innovation of industrial processes. The use of raw materials of Campania makes pasta star of a cooking healthy and inviting. Enjoying OroGiallo you always seem to eat pasta made ​​by hand by the old masters pasta. The products pay homage to Mediterranean cuisine is known throughout the world for its ability to combine the pleasure of eating well, an assurance that the ingredients. The dough OroGiallo in fact, uses for its stuffed raw materials of excellent quality as vegetable fourth range, buffalo ricotta and Parmesan cheese that is processed using traditional techniques and they incorporate all the aroma and flavor of Campania. Through the recipes of the culinary culture of the Mediterranean made ​​with the same products OroGiallo, they tell the stories of all the generations that have worked time and made the pasta the queen of your kitchen.

But what makes you choose OroGiallo?

Considering the hectic pace of modern life, it is difficult to have the time to prepare homemade pasta, so we are often forced to rely on packaged products. Who, however, going to the supermarket buys OroGiallo, have the confidence that you have selected an excellent product, suitable for the whole family.
The industrial production generally tends to prefer quantity to quality, products are fast and convenient, easy to serve, but we are not always sure of what we consume. The strength of OroGiallo consists precisely in being able to combine tradition, authenticity and innovation, always offering an excellent quality product that smells of family and good.


Especially in the traditional bell to bring to the table a quality pasta is a cult. The importance of family get together for meals is celebrated by preparing delicious and special sauces that enrich the pasta; also the many varieties offered by OroGiallo tickle the imagination every day in the kitchen with new recipes. It will thus enhance the products characteristic of Campania combining ingredients each time different between them.

To make simple dishes although you need to carefully choose the raw materials, and why not start their own pasta? Relying on a brand that has always maintained faith with its principles, for the love of family and for the good things never go out of fashion.

Today pasta is recommended by all nutritionists being a complete food and energy, suitable for adults and children, thanks to its ease to be digested, especially when cooked al dente.

Easy to cook and can make us realize ever new delights, is undoubtedly the first national dish par excellence.