The culture of artisan pasta combined with the most modern technologies are the perfect mix from which born our products. A philosophy which permits to preserve the magic of the tastes’ variety which can be obtained with the game of the shapes, which permit to select everyday the shape for each occasion and alimentary style.

 Fresh Pasta

In Campania, fresh pasta’s culture is handed down towards generations. Orogiallo offers a wide range of fresh pasta in which there are “fusilli al ferretto” and “fusilli napoletani”, well known all over the World. Orogiallo produces also egg fresh pasta, only made of durum wheat semolina. To egg pasta typology belong “tagliatelle”, “lasagne”, “pappardelle” and others.

 Dry Pasta

Also Orogiallo’s dry pasta is produced only with carefully selected durum wheat semolina. Production phase utilize traditional methods such as bronze wire drawing, natural and slow drying for dry pasta at low temperature and long times. La Bolognese has opted for a strategy of full checking for the whole production, to guarantee quality and purity. The high level of technologies, the control of production’s phases, the choice and the use of excellent raw materials, let us offer a wide selection of special shapes of pasta to our customers.

 Flavoured Pasta

 Flavoured and coloured pasta is produced with durum wheat semolina adding further alimentary ingredients dehydrated such as: beet, spinach, turmeric, chilli pepper, mushrooms and lemon’s extract. This typology of product is appriciated aesthetically but also from a quality point of view especially abroad. In this range of products there are various shapes with mushrooms, a lot of coloured shapes of pasta and the new arrived: scialatielli at lemon taste.

 “I freschissimi”

 “I freschissimi” with shelf life of 60 days have been a further innovation strongly wanted by La Bolognese srl. This new range has been made in order to have an even better product. Pasta’s taste is even more appreciated by our customers both in restaurants and in the best food shops. In this range we offer our best known shapes such as scialiatielli, paccheri and fusilli al ferretto along with other typical Italian shapes such as orecchiette and trofie.

 Filled pasta with buffalo’s ricotta.

La Bolognese Srl is a company which strongly believe in innovation and for this reason has decided to improve its proposal with Orogiallo’s filled pasta. A company which has always had quality as its main target couldn’t accept market’s logics, so we have decided to create a product of excellent quality with the best raw materials, such as parmesan cheese seasoned 30 months, ready prepared vegetables and cow buffalo’s ricotta, everything made with an artisan process, with the preparation of the dough in our kitchen that give an unique taste to our products.

 Frozen Pasta

 Orogiallo never stops, the never-ending research for innovation let the company decide to invest also on frozen pasta, creating a product of excellent quality but with a longer shelf life to grow both on national markets and on international markets. The product keeps unaltered the organoleptic propriety and its unique taste.