Ferrazzuoli with sword-fish

Tempo 10'  


(for 4 people)
– 500 g of ferrazzuoli OroGiallo
– 300 g of tomato pulp
– 2 cloves of garlic
– 600 g of sword fish
– 40 g of pine kernels
– 40 g of raisins
– 1 little bunch of rocket
– 1 chilli pepper
– extra-virgin olive oil
– salt


In a large pan out some oil and brown the garlic together with the chilli pepper, add the tomato pulp, the pine kernels, the raisins and the sword-fish cut in little pieces. Cook on a high flame for some minutes, boil the ferrazzuoli in abundant salted water, drain them firm and put them into the pan with the rocket roughly cut. Let flavour the whole and serve with some leaves of rocket as decoration.