Maccheroncelli with pumpkin

Tempo 10'  


( for 5 people)
– 500 g of maccheroncelli OroGiallo
– 300 g of pumpkin pulp hulled and peeled
– 150 g of lard from the pig’s cheek
– 150 g of onion
– 50 g of grated parmesan cheese
– sage, parsley, vegetable stock, dry white wine, olive oil, salt and pepper


Cut the onion into very little slices and let it brown in a large pan with a drizzle of oil together
with the pig’s cheek cut in little cubes and a very little bunch of sage; add a finger of wine and when it will be evaporated , add the pumpkin cut in little cubes, one ladle of stock, salt and pepper; let the sauce boil and put the previously cooked and firm drained maccheroncelli into it. Let them flavour on a high flame and end the cooking. Sprinkle with the minced parsley, a drizzle of oil, the grated parmesan and serve hot.