Tagliatelle paglia e fieno with peas, peeled broccoli and

Tempo 10'  


( x 4 people)
– 500 g tagliatelle paglia e fieno OroGiallo
– 250 g hulled peas
– 200 g peeled broccoli
– 3 spoons of asparagus tips
– 1 little onion
– 1 nut of butter
– 250 g béchamel
– 1 yolk
– 50 g grated parmesan cheese
– salt and pepper just enough
– nutmeg just enough


Boil the asparagus , the peas and the broccoli separately. Drain and let them drip.
Apart chop the onion and let it brown in some oil and butter up to when it begins to wilt.
At this point add the peas, the asparagus tips and the broccoli and cook on a low flame for some
Boil the tagliatelle in abundant salted water and drain them firm. Stir them into the condiment
and divide them in 5 oven plates and cover each portion with 1/5 of the béchamel to which before you
added the yolk, some nutmeg and the parmesan cheese.
Let them cook au gratin and serve.