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Nowadays we sell our products with the support of our distributors in these Italian regions: Campania, Lombardia, Liguria, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Calabria and Sicily. Our brand is well known also internationally, Orogiallo exports its products in the following countries: Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherland, Poland, Great Britain, France, Denmark, Australia, USA Japan and Canada.

La Bolognese srl doesn’t product only its main brand “Orogiallo”, but we produce also various private labels for the leaders in the GDO and for the best distributors in Italy and abroad. This philosophy has increased the number and the importance of our partners.

Nowadays La Bolognese srl helps its consumers with the possibility to find the product in the supermarkets and in the Normal Trade especially in Campania, region in which born Orogiallo.


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